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people to find, share, and care for

your beloved houseplants.


Show your passion

Houseplants carry our sense of style, our aesthetic, and our passion.

Propa is an app for people who love sharing houseplants, making it the perfect place to share and enhance your style.


Share your passion

One of the most rewarding parts of cultivating an indoor garden is sharing it with friends. 


Propa makes it easier to find and trade with people who have the exact species you were looking for.

Never stop sharing

Sharing is rewarding, but we normally only see that one exchange.


Propa changes all of this by letting you know every time your plant has a new grandbaby somewhere in the world. See the jungle you have shared!


Sharing made easy

Propa makes it easy to discover new species, find people who have extra cuttings, and safely trade with them in-person or via mail.