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Find and share plant cuttings with friends


Grow your passion

We are a community of crazy plant people who love sharing houseplant cuttings. Propa makes it easy to find the exact species and variation you are looking for. Simply add whatever plant you want to your wishlist and you'll receive a notification when someone has cuttings available to share!

Show your passion

Propa is the perfect place to show off your plant collection and browse friends' collections for ideas. Each time you update your plant's photo, we add it to a timelapse so you can watch it grow all over again!


Never stop sharing

Each time you share a cutting through Propa, you get a "prop" - our version of a like - so you can see how much happiness you've shared into the world. We also give you updates on your plants' babies so you can watch them as they grow!


What our community is saying

We can let loose and talk about plants all the time, which is something I can't do in real life to all my non-planty friends. And every time I give or receive something on here it feels kind of like Christmas to me.


This app is cool because I can check with the people in the same area where I live. The interaction through the app is easier because they will know that I will only ask about plants.


I love it! I see a ton more plants on the map just this week. Glad more people are trying it out. I found out about it in a plant exchange FB group and a bunch of people loved it too


This is such a brilliant idea. Super excited to see it take off. I'm really loving what you've created. I'm pacing myself and only adding a few plants every day 😂


Really like the idea behind it, I do some trading and sending of plants through the mail via fb groups but it's nice to have designated place and searchable if you are looking for a specific plant.


One of the FB groups I belong to posted the link. Just the kind of app I love to be a part of


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