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Today's rapidly evolving market offers new challenges to brick-and-mortar nurseries. While big box stores and online retailers remain ever-present threats to your margin, it has become more necessary to rely on your social media presence to forge a strong brand identity and take advantage of changes in plant trends and customer demands. This requires a substantial amount of time and capital, all on top of ensuring plants are watered and shelves are stocked.

Propa offers three products for businesses - Connect, Grow, and Optimize - so you can spend less time managing social media and more time running your business.



Propa Connect helps businesses identify current customers and what plants they love. Simply register for a business account and begin getting insights into your following's development into paying customers. Optionally purchase Propa Tags and place them on your inventory. Whenever a customer scans their purchase into their collection, their conversion will be registered and they will automatically follow your business.

Propa Connect enables businesses to identify the most passionate customers and maintain engagement with them. Powerfully, Propa Connect shows conversion of your social marketing budget into customers, allowing you to focus your resources into only the most successful advertising campaigns.

To enroll in Propa Connect, contact 


Social media is a powerful tool for developing your brand identity, but a new follower rarely means a new customer.


Propa Grow helps businesses accelerate growth of their follower base with users most likely to patronize their stores.

With Propa Grow, anyone who receives a cutting from a plant originally sold at your store will automatically follow your profile. After generations of propagation, this could translate into hundreds of new followers a day, each with a personal link to your business - all without generating content or responding to comments. 

Paired with Propa Connect, you can see when someone becomes aware of your business and when they convert into a customer.


To enroll in Propa Grow, contact 



While big box stores are able to take advantage of ​low prices and volumes of sale, local nurseries are able to provide greater variety in selection and access to species that trend overnight.

Propa Optimize gives you access to Propa's analytics,  leveraging social media trends, e-commerce pricing, and location-sensitive demand data to price your inventory to maximize profits. When you're the only shop in town stocking a coveted species, this could multiply your margin.

To enroll in Propa Optimize, contact 

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