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Co-Founder, Chief Culture Officer

Annapolis, Maryland


Propa is looking for a creative and self-driven person to be our Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer. As Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer, you must exceed high expectations and hold others accountable to the high expectations you set. Your job will be demanding and rewarding.


As Propa’s Chief Culture Officer, you are responsible for nurturing the culture of our community and corporation. You will manage how customers interact with our product and brand, and your duties will include graphic design, user experience design, advertising, customer engagement, interior design, event planning, and content curation.


Ultimately, we are looking for a brilliant creative who loves houseplants. You will be responsible for creating graphics for use in our products and in marketing materials, ensuring that our products are beautiful and functional. You will design advertising campaigns that speak to our core values, attracting the most passionate people to our platform. You will maintain our social media presence on all major platforms, creating content and engaging with users. You will furnish and decorate our corporate office, creating a tranquil and inspirational work environment in which we will all thrive. Initially, you will be Propa’s chief content moderator, ensuring that our users interact with content that is positive and accurate.


As Chief Culture Officer, you will have exceptional influence into who we select to join our company and will play a vital role in our hiring process. You will ensure that Propa has fair and equitable hiring practices and that our employees share our vision and fit into the corporate culture you shape.



We believe that certifications are only a way of indicating qualification; a degree is not requisite.


You must love houseplants.

The ideal candidate has professional experience in graphic design, UI/UX design, photography, and social media marketing; has extensive knowledge in the identification and care of houseplants; and has worked in a tech startup environment.

You must: display altruism in your heart; provide immediate and respectful critical feedback; change your opinion when new, valid data is presented; have vision and sell it to others; learn aggressively and develop new skills continuously; be interesting and love sharing your interests with others.

To apply, send your resume and optional cover letter to

We are an early-stage startup. Compensation will be negotiated and will include sizable equity.

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