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Berkeley, CA - April 22, 2022

Seedling and Plant Swap in Berkeley, California hosted by Orta Kitchen Garden


Orta Kitchen Garden



Seedling and Plant Swap

April 22, 2022 at 11:00:00 PM


1218 4th St.
Berkeley, CA

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Let's celebrate Earth Day this year with other plant-y people! Bring your seedlings, cuttings, seeds and / or houseplants to swap with other gardeners.

Now is the perfect time to swap tomato and other summer veggie seedlings! Bring your favorite varieties, and learn about others.

Novice gardeners are VERY welcome! :)

For you beginners, we'll have lots of extra community plants to give away. And don't worry, gardeners, like plants, are generous and tend to have extra.

Ground rules:

Bring Seedlings, Cuttings, Seeds and / or container plants. Houseplants welcome!

1. Please bring plants in individual containers that are easy for others to take home. Re-used yogurt containers, old nursery pots, or just cuttings packed in paper towels and baggies are all fine.

2. Please label your plants with your name and the plant's name! If you don't know for sure what it is, someone will probably be able to help you name it. Optional: add some instructions for how to care for your plants.

3. Please check plants for disease or pests before you bring plants.

4. If you see a plant you want, find the person who brought it (yes, you'll have to mingle! But it's ok, we're all plant people!), and ask if they'd like to trade for something you brought.

5. We'll set up an area for seeds where you can leave ones that you'd like to give away, and help yourself to ones you'd like. Please label seeds carefully and clearly. Extras will be donated to the Kensington Public Library seed library after the event.

We'll also be doing a seconds sale on our self-watering pots!

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