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San Francisco, CA - March 26, 2022

Plant Swap in San Francisco, California hosted by Grac3ful Roots


Grac3ful Roots



Plant Swap

March 26, 2022 at 6:00:58 PM


80 Albion Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

How Much



Grac3ful Roots is hosting a PLANT SWAP at UNFURL!

Join us at Unfurl for a plant swap where you can bring your previously loved plants and cuttings to swap with another plant from the community!

Grac3ful Roots is community project that gifts plants to those with limited resources in San Francisco, as an effort to support their mental health. Plants are after all food for the soul. For more information on Grac3ful Roots, Follow on Instagram @grac3fulroots or Join the Facebook Group “Grac3ful Roots”

Here’s how the plant swap works!

Bring any plants and/or cuttings that you’d like to swap (ensure that they are labeled, and disease free!)
You will receive an amount of ticket(s) corresponding to what you have brought to the swap.
You can then trade your ticket(s) for a new plant or cutting of the same value.
The value of tickets are as follows:

Per cutting = 1 ticket
2” plant/pot = 2 tickets
4” plant/pot = 3 tickets
6” plant/pot = 4 tickets
8” plant/pot = 5 tickets
There will be a plant workshop and demo before this plant swap

This plant swap is part of a weekend-long program of plant-themed arts, activities, and a pop-up shop that celebrates new beginnings (much like a new leaf on a plant unfurling) for 80 Albion as a community-oriented creative space in the Mission district, and also pays homage to the space itself, which used to be a flower shop.

This event is free to attend.

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