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Denver, CO - May 22, 2022

Plant Swap in Denver, Colorado hosted by Birdsall & Co.


Birdsall & Co.



Plant Swap

May 22, 2022 at 4:30:00 PM


3040 Blake Street #131
Denver, CO 80205

How Much



What's a plant swap? Exactly what it sounds like! Think of it as forum for swapping plants, cuttings, even seeds with like-minded plant nerds. It's a great way to acquire plants on your wish list without the price tag.

Here are the basics:

- Any plants are welcome! Bring your indoor and outdoor plants, rare and common. Entire plants, cuttings, rooted propagates, and seeds are all great!
- Plants must be healthy and pest-free.
- Your $10 ticket price goes towards your purchase in the store the day of the event.
- Mateo (our resident Plant Daddy) will have some rare plants from his own collection that will be raffled off.
- Enjoy a mimosa (it's a Birdsall event, after all), talk plants, and enjoy!

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