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Tampa, FL - May 28, 2022

Plant Swap in Tampa, Florida hosted by Cactus Moon


Cactus Moon



Plant Swap

May 28, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM


4206 North Nebraska Avenue
Tampa, FL 33603

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Come one, come all to the Cactus Moon community plant swap!

Bring as many plants as you want. You will receive a ticket for each plant you bring, and you may swap for that same number of new plants to bring home!

Please bring clean, pest-free plants. All types of legal plants are permitted. Houseplants, cacti, succulents, garden plants, herbs, trees, flowering plants, you name it!

Plants should arrive in nursery pots or plastic pots. Cuttings should be rooted / in water or soil (so start your cuttings now!) All plants must be labeled with their plant ID.

*****DOORS OPEN at 11am, and swapping begins at 12pm! See you there!

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