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Ann Arbor, MI - April 23, 2022

Earth Day Plant Swap in Ann Arbor, Michigan hosted by BYOC CO  & The Planted Life


BYOC CO & The Planted Life



Earth Day Plant Swap

April 23, 2022 at 4:00:00 AM


255 E Liberty Street
Ann Arbor, MI

How Much



If you’re like me, you’re missing outside. Deeply. I say it a lot, and I apologize, but I just miss it that much. I miss my markets. Outdoor events. Miss mingling with my plant people. That’s how this alllll started;Local plant groups! Trading cuttings, giving away plants, selling cheap plants, cultivating relationships…plant people truly are the best people!

So as usual them wheels started wheeling in my old brain. What better way for all of us to come out of hibernation, then to come out to a plant swap!! And. Earth day weekend?! Pshhh. No brainer. Let’s go!!

Get those props started, dust off those pots, start emptying a container…do what ya gotta do! Just make sure you do not miss this event!!

🌱More details to follow. Mark your calendars! 🌱

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