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Grand Rapids, MI - April 16, 2022

Sustainability Market & Plant Swap 2022 in Grand Rapids, Michigan hosted by The Mortals Cafe + Confection


The Mortals Cafe + Confection



Sustainability Market & Plant Swap 2022

April 16, 2022 at 4:00:00 PM


111 Division Ave South
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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You love having a variety of plants and you love propogating ALL of them…. But now you have plant babies EVERYWHERE!

This is the perfect event to pop in with your mini plants and trade out with some new varieties. You get to unload all those beautiful plants for others to appreciate as well as get some new ones to add to your collection! If you’ve ever had a clothing swap amongst friends…it’s pretty much the same thing, but with plants!

We will have a couple table tops in our cafe for people to load their plants on for easier trading.

It’s up to the plant owner if they want to give or trade.

You don’t necessarily have to bring plants to enjoy getting some new plants (again, up to the individual)

Have plants be in containers you don’t mind losing, or bring some pots from home.

The Mortals will provide some dirt for those that wish to re-pot. We’ll also have some water to help settle the soil.

Plant swap will happen the same time as the Artists Sustainability Market from 12-5.

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