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Plymouth, WI - April 4-8, 2022

April Plant Swap in Plymouth, Wisconsin hosted by Sheboygan County Yoga Co-op


Sheboygan County Yoga Co-op



April Plant Swap

April 8, 2022 at 11:00:00 AM


208 E Mill St
Plymouth, WI 53073

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Today is the last day of March and that means starting next week we are having our plant swap!!

For the whole first week of April come on into our studio with your little plant babies and swap them out for some new ones!

Never propagated a plant before? A safe tip (though it is different for each plant) for a plant like Pathos, find a segment within the vine that has a little root wanting to grow, take your scissors and cut at an angle 1 - 2 inches away from the next leaf. Place the new clipping in some water and set in a windowsill. Within the next few weeks you will see some roots starting to grow!!

Once you have an established root system forming, plant that little baby into a cute pot and some soil and you have yourself a new housemate!

We cannot wait to see all the different varieties of plants that come in!

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