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4 Ways to Grow the Prōpa Community in Your City

Updated: May 29, 2022

Okay, you've downloaded Prōpa, created your profile, and you're ready to find some plant cuttings nearby. But you open the propagation map and see... nothing nearby.

This can be really disappointing, but it's very common because Prōpa is still in its early growth phase. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can personally do to start building a Prōpa community in your hometown.

Here are a few proven methods to find Prōpa users nearby and start trading as soon as possible!

Complete Your Profile

As soon as you log into Prōpa for the first time, you will see a list of active users, but they are probably far away from you. This is because we don't know where you are!

The first thing you should do is add your location to your profile. This will update the list of recommended users to users who are closest to you. Check out their profiles and them a follow! Maybe they have plants you want, and maybe you have something on their wishlist!

In order to show up in this list of nearby users, your profile needs to have three have three things: a location, a profile picture, and at least one plant in your collection.

Once you add these three things to your profile, nearby users will know that you are nearby and will be more likely to post their props. Don't be afraid to say hi and start a conversation - Prōpa users tend to be very friendly!

Post Your Own Props

Nothing is as discouraging as an empty propagation map. But instead of walking away, the best thing to do is to post your props to it. Our data shows that when a new user sees even one prop posted in their city, they are substantially more likely post props of their own.

To post a prop of your plant, go to your plant's page and press "List Prop". Then select whether your prop is rooted, whether you're looking to give it away or trade it, and whether you are open to meeting up to trade, or if you rather ship it.

Once you list your prop, it will be added to the propagation map for everyone to see! Users who have that plant on their wishlist will also receive a notification that your cutting is ready to share!

List Your Props on Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and Craigslist

All of the previous methods are good ways to find other users who have already downloaded Prōpa, but what about the nearby plant people who haven't even heard of it?!

If you want to start trading and earning Prop Points, finding other plant swappers via Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, or Craigslist and inviting them to Prōpa is a great way to jumpstart plant sharing in your community.

Simply post the plants with cuttings available and ask them to contact you via Prōpa so you get the Prop Points for sharing. Include the link to and your Prōpa username so they can quickly download the app and contact you.

We've made sharing your collection outside of Prōpa easy with our Share button. Just go to your profile and click Share, and we'll generate an image of your collection. Plants with props available will be marked with a leaf. You can choose to add this image to your Marketplace listing, or you can use full resolution images of your plants.

Attend Local Plant Swaps

Plant swaps are a great way to meet fellow plant people and trade plants, and have been for a long time. However, before Prōpa, it was virtually impossible to see if the plants you traded thrived or... didn't.

When you go to plant swaps, be sure to tell your new friends about Prōpa, especially the ones who you exchange plants with. When they sign up, be sure to prop your plants to them within Prōpa so you get Prop Points and so that you get notifications whenever they add a new Node.

To share a cutting with a friend, go to your plant's profile and press "Prop It", then select your friend's name from the list. When your friend accepts the cutting, you'll receive a Prop Point and start receiving Node notifications!

That's It!

These four ideas are all easy ways to improve your experience in Prōpa, and great ways to connect with other plant people in your city.

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