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Connect the Pots

This week's update included many small but important changes to the way your plants are connected to were they came from. Here's what's new!

Requiem for a Plant

Sometimes our plants are no longer with us. Maybe they died, maybe you gave them away, or maybe they went to college? Who's to say?

We don't necessarily want to remove these plants from our profile because they have props sprouting up around the world, we want to keep a happy memorial, or we want to remind ourselves we tried raising a Pink Princess and were too optimistic about our abilities.

So we've introduced the purposefully-neutrally-named "Archive plant" button, which lets you silently remove the plant from your plant count but keep it in your profile. Just go into plant settings and press Archive Plant at the bottom. Right now plants aren't marked as being archived, but we'll add that in the future.

Plant Parenthood

One of the central features of Prōpa is tracing the parentage of plant cuttings as they are shared. Previously, the person owning the plant parent would press Prop It!, and the recipient would get a notification to accept or decline the cutting. If they accepted, a new cutting with the parentage badge would be created.

This works well, but sometimes people forget! The giver would forget to Prop It! or the recipient would forget (or not even know) to wait for a prop request and add the plant to their profile prematurely.

With this week's update, the recipient can now initiate a prop request for a cutting they received. After adding a plant to your profile, go into the plant's settings, scroll to the bottom, and press "This Plant Is a Prop". You can then select the person who gave the cutting to you, and then select the plant they took the cutting from. We will only list your followers and plants of the same species, so check those things if you're not finding the giver and parent plant.

Advertise Local Plant Shops

A small way Prōpa supports local businesses is that we allow users to tag where they got bought each plant. This helps people discover new shops and know where to buy their wishlist plants.

For a long time, you have been able to tag the store from which you bought each plant in your profile. However, you could only tag that at creation.

That was pretty silly, so we changed it. You can now tag existing plants with the store you bought them from, just go into plant settings and press "Select retailer".

Performance improvements and bug fixes

Prōpa just got MUCH speedier and more stable, particularly on Android! We fixed crashes when choosing photos, propping plants to people, and in some cases writing long messages. If it was rough experience for you before, check us out again. You might be surprised.

Download Prōpa for iOS and Android today! We'd love for you to join our community!

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