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Do you believe in luck?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

On a night out with our friend Vanessa and her husband Paul, we happened to be seated next to fellow-plant-entrepreneur David Stouder. David is a fascinating and entertaining person: a vitamin industry veteran, Capitol Hill lobbyist, and professional four-leaf clover hunter. I gave David's wife a Pilea peperomioides pup, and in return, David shared many stories from his decades-long four-leaf clover passion.

Fortunately, Vanessa happened to have recently started her podcast, Hobby Dabbler, and she was able to secure David for an episode. Now you can hear some of his colorful stories, too!

Check out Getting Lucky with David Stouder on Hobby Dabbler - an episode that will surely put a smile on your face! Listen on Spotify or Amazon today.

Also, don't hesitate to download Prōpa (available on Android AND iOS!) and give Vanessa a follow @vscress :)

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