Don't Let Wishes Be Wishes

Updated: Aug 23

Prōpa's goal is to make houseplants more accessible and affordable. One way we do this is through our wishlist feature.

Whenever you add a species to your wishlist, you'll get notified as soon as someone has props available for it, and you'll be able to strike up a conversation about a trade or giveaway. Right now you'll be notified if anyone in the world has it, but when we have more users, we'll only send notifications for props in your area. Download Prōpa Beta for Android or iPhone

Show Your Passion

Today's update includes two much much needed improvements: scrolling through full-sized pictures and taking in-app photos.

I personally love the full-sized scroll because I get to read all of the plant captions and comments. It's exciting to see how much you all love your plants, and how much you want to share their stories with the world. That's what Prōpa is all about :)

Adding photos of your plants just got much easier with in-app photos. Some of you have added over 50 plants to your profiles, so sorry this didn't come sooner! There is a bug with iOS that makes it difficult to crop, so we'll likely be further improving this in the future.

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