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Flex Your Plant Identification Skills

Today, we're excited to introduce our new plant identification game!

Improve your plant identification skills by swiping through plant pictures uploaded by our community. Swipe as quickly as you like, but be careful, you only get three incorrect guesses before the game ends and you see how you size up to others in our community!

If you can't get enough of it, you can earn 5 replays every time a friend signs up to Prōpa and tags you as their referrer, or you can share your stats to Instagram for 2 replays each day.

Download Prōpa today to play, available on iOS and Android!

Public Groups

Today's update also lets all users create public groups. To create a public group, do the following:

  1. Create a group

  2. Tap the group name to edit the group

  3. Update the group name and description

  4. Edit group settings by tapping the ••• button

  5. Tap Make Group Public!

For now, only the group creator can make groups public and edit their settings. We can't wait to see the communities you create!

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