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Grow Your Insta Following with Prōpa

Crosspost from Instagram to Propa
Post Once, Reach Everyone

Many of us have Instagram accounts that we use to harass our non-planty friends with our lovely foliage photos. And while these pictures make excellent Shelfies, who has the time to post them to two different platforms?


The good news is that starting today, you can crosspost Instagram posts as Prōpa Shelfies by using #getpropa in the caption!

Shelfies that are crossposted to Prōpa will link directly to the Instagram post through the tag at the bottom right of the photo. The crazy plant people of Prōpa will be able to easily find and follow your Instagram profile for more planty content!

Why #getpropa?

Many of our users have private Instagram accounts or have profiles that have a mixture of houseplant and non-houseplant content. We don't want you to choose between "Share everything" or "Share nothing".

By using #getpropa as a trigger to crosspost, we give you complete control over where your data goes. And while we're sure our Prōpa community would love the pictures of Sunday brunch, opting in per-post helps keep content on Prōpa limited to houseplants. We also obviously don't hate the exposure to your Insta followers :)

Get Started

To connect your Instagram and Prōpa profiles, go to your Prōpa settings page to the Instagram field, press Connect, and approve access to your Instagram account. That's it!

Download Prōpa for iOS and Android today!

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