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How to Promote Plant Swaps with Prōpa

Updated: Jan 20

Prōpa is dedicated to making interesting houseplants more accessible and affordable. One of the ways we achieve this is by hosting plant swaps in Prōpa Groups!

Prōpa makes it easy for people to see who's attending the plant swap and what plants they're bringing. You'll see the excitement bubbling in the group chat as people start negotiating trades before the event, and maybe adding more houseplants they want to bring. This anticipation drives more people and plants to show up!

Here's a quick guide on how to use Prōpa to help build excitement about the plant swap you're hosting.

Step One: Make a Public Prōpa Group

Make a Prōpa Group for each plant swap you host. This is done by creating a private group by going to the Messages tab, and then pressing New.

After you've created a private group, rename it to your event name by pressing New Group, changing the name, and then pressing Update.

After you've created your private group contact @plantdaddy in the Prōpa messenger and request the group be made public, providing information about when and where the event is being held, and any links that can help attendees register or buy tickets.

Step Two: Invite Attendees to Join Event Group

Now that your event has a public group, you can invite any of your followers to it by adding them to the group. Simply press the + button, select Follower, and tap their name from the list of your followers.

For users who aren't in Prōpa already, it's also helpful if you include links to download the app. The best link to use is

Step Three: Add Plants to Event Group

Once attendees have joined the group, they can add the plants they're bringing to the plant swap. On-the-fence attendees will see plants that catch their eyes, people can request others to bring additional plants from their collections, and people can start brokering swaps ahead of time.

To add a plant to a group, press the + button, select Plant, and tap the plant you want to add. Everyone in the group will see who is bringing what species!

Thats it!

That's all it takes to use Prōpa Groups to reach our passionate user base and support your plant swap. When more people add their rare and interesting plants, more people want to go!

Download Prōpa today to get started

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