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Literally Plantstagram

Plantstagram is a beautiful place. Ugly word (in our opinion), but a truly beautiful place.

However, when we set out to build Prōpa, we knew there were tons of ways to make a better social network for plants and their people. Our goal is to help people build more meaningful relationships with their plants.

Here are a few ways Prōpa is deliberately designed to be the best place for planty people.

Share Plants with Ease

While a ton of people use Instagram and other social networks to trade plants, it requires a lot of work to monitor posts to find exactly what you want, and then arrange a trade.

With Prōpa, when you add a species to your wishlist, you'll be notified when someone has a cutting available to share! We also have a convenient propagation map that shows available cuttings in your neighborhood.

When it is time to start negotiating a trade, you can look at someone's profile and quickly see what plants they have, which plants have propagations available, and what species they want. This makes the transaction go so much smoother, reducing back and forth and ghosting.

Keep Your Collection Up To Date

Because Instagram doesn't let you update old posts, it's not a great place to show off your plant collection. You're forced to choose whether to have duplicates of each plant in your profile, or you have to delete early posts.

Because plants grow (who knew??), Prōpa lets you update your plants to show off the latest leaf. Each time you add a Node - a photo of a new step in your houseplant's life - we add the photo to a timelapse of your plant's growth. Your early posts keep getting better as they tell a story of love - and maaaybe a little bit of stress!

Your Likes Grow With Your Plant

Believe it or not, some people go back and delete old posts from their Instagram profile! Maybe they only had a few followers and their posts didn't get a ton of likes, so, to look cool, they delete those old posts. Crazy, right?

With Prōpa, your oldest content becomes the most valuable because each update becomes a new opportunity for everyone to like your plant. When you add a Node, you keep all of the likes you've gotten so far, but your friends are able to celebrate the new growth and like it again. After you've added several Nodes and grown your following, those first plants become the best ones in your profile!

Our algorithm also favors plants with more Nodes. Read up on how it works.

Start Flaunting Your Flora

These are only a few things that separate Prōpa from Instagram and other social networks to make it an ideal place to nerd out about indoor plants. Download Prōpa today and check it out for yourself!

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