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Lots of Changes

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Prōpa is dedicated to making it easier to find friends to share plants with. New people are joining every day - we doubled our userbase in July alone - and we're constantly seeing more props on our map! Here are the improvements included in yesterday's update.

See nearby friends

The home screen will show you accounts that are closest to your location, allowing you to let them know you have props on the way, or to ask if you can get on their waitlist for a cutting. This only works if both of you have added your address to your profile.

Discover new species

You're finally able to search for species! Refresh to your hearts desire to see new species, share your care tips for them, and learn more about them.

Share your collection

Generate an image of your entire collection and what props you have available (iOS only, sorry Android). Show off your collection to friends or make it easier to trade in Facebook groups!

Props are prettier

Keep tabs on your props - see what props are out there, which plants they came from, and who you gave them to. This new view is much prettier and more helpful than the previous.

Share your wish list

No more copy/pasting and spellchecking Latin names. We export your entire ISO list to text, and for iOS, make a picture of the species you need in your life.

Copy/paste species names

We apologize for not doing this sooner. You can now long-press a species name almost everywhere in the app to select it and copy it to your clipboard.

We're adding new features and improvements every week!

Download Prōpa beta for iOS and Android today

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