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New Nodes for Everyone!

Since we released the Nodes feature, we've seen a HUGE number of plant photo updates. It's so wonderful to see props flourish over time!

With today's release, we've made a couple of changes that make it quicker to add Nodes for your entire collection. Instead of navigating all the way to your plant's settings, simply tap the Create button, select your plant, and snap a pic! It's that easy! We also provide a button to update a pic, so your weekly or monthly update routine flows as smoothly as possible.

We want you to create incredible time lapses of your plant's growth over the years, and a big part of capturing that growth is framing the picture consistently over time. We came up with a way to help with that, too!

While snapping an update of your plant, you can select previous Nodes to use to frame your photo. We add a transparent overlay of the previous Node so you can align the new photo with the old, accentuating the new leaves, blooms, and growth!

With today's update, we have unveiled our new discovery algorithm. Find out how you can get your posts to the top!

Download Prōpa today!

Finally, we've added MUCH better support for tablet, fixed bugs in the messenger causing the app to crash, an fixed an issue with Android camera permissions. Sorry about that, but keep the bug reports coming!

Are You a Serial Hobbyist? Stay Away from This Podcast.

My friend Vanessa has recently launched The Hobby Dabbler, a podcast that documents her exploration of new hobbies! Be sure to check out my interview with her where we talk about the perfectly passive hobby of plant propagation. Listen and subscribe on Audible, Spotify, Amazon Music and other platforms!

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