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Plant Groupies Need Groups!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Prōpa is dedicated to building strong communities of people who love houseplants, and we realized it's hard to do that when only two people can chat. With our last update, we've added group chats, which make it easier to meet and bond with other crazy plant people!

Anyone can make a group for anything - genera fanatics, personal identities, or city/state/country! I'll be making groups for different locations, a 40+ plant club, moderators, and our most passionate users. When we add photos to chat, I'll be creating a cat pic group and blowing it up with pictures of Aster and Augustus AKA Gus :)

We don't yet have official groups, but that's in the works, so reach to me if you'd like to create the official group for anything and I'll help you get it started!

Download the Prōpa beta for iOS and Android

To keep things familiar and curb spam, you can only add your followers to a group chat, and you can easily leave any chat you don't want to be a part of anymore. It's possible these groups will get very chatty, so we're planning a mute feature available in the next two weeks.

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