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Sharing Shouldn't be Creepy

Another week, another update! Here's what you can find in the latest version of Prōpa.

Plant Swaps

With today's update, you're able to add plants to a group conversation! Retailers can use Prōpa groups as a way to RSVP to plant swaps so you can see who's going and what they're bringing. We hope this encourages more people to attend and bring fun plants! Download Prōpa beta on iOS and Android


If you see an image, post, or comment that shouldn't belong on Prōpa, do not hesitate to report it! It will be immediately redacted until our moderators are able to review it. Our moderators' marching orders are to ensure that Prōpa is a happy place for crazy plant people. Abusive, offensive, and obscene content will not be tolerated. Fortunately we haven't seen any to date :)


Today's update also allows you to block users. If you block someone, neither of you will be able to:

  • See each other's profiles, posts, or comments

  • Send each other DM's or see each other's messages in group chats

Our goal is for the two of you to never know that the other is there. There are a few small places where we'll do a better job, but there shouldn't be any way a blocked user can directly interact with someone who has blocked them.

Right now, there is no way to unblock. If you need to unblock someone, message me @plantdaddy in the app :)

Download Prōpa beta on iOS and Android

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