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Vote for Your Favorite Shop!

Alocasia sarawakenis 'Yucatan Princess' purchased from The Plantier in Chicago, Illinois

Plant shops of all types - greenhouses, garden centers, popups, and even big box retailers - have contributed to the thriving houseplant communities across the country. While we at Prōpa love sharing houseplant cuttings, we also love the businesses that keep our sills full and drive houseplant culture.

That's why we are going to highlight the Prōpa community's favorite places to buy houseplants across the country - like The Plantier in Chicago!

Supporting your favorite houseplant shop is easy - just tag each plant with the store you bought it from. You can do this when you add a plant to your collection, or through plant settings.

At the end of June, we'll start publishing the top shops across the country, so be sure to start tagging!

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