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Watch Your Plant Grow Up, All Over Again!

Our latest update added several ways to make Nodes more enjoyable for everyone!

Our first addition was adding the Nodes Vine. It grows as your houseplant grows - each time you add a new Node to your plant, we add a new leaf to it!

Because time slips away from all of use, we also added dates to each Node! This helps all of us appreciate the growth our plant babies have experienced. We grab the date the photo was taken for accurate record keeping, but you can also edit it in the Plant Settings screen.

Finally, for those of us that have spent the past few years taking photos of our indoor plants (because thats just what we do), you can rearrange Nodes so that they appear in their actual chronological order in the time lapse. You can also delete and hide photos to keep things tidy.

Trade Your Way

Also included in today's update, you can now filter available props by five different tags. The tags are:

  • Rooted - the cuttings available have roots growing, making them more likely to grow into mature plants

  • Giveaway - the owner is just happy to share plants and not necessarily looking for a plant in return

  • Trade - the owner wants to trade this plant for another one of comparable value

  • Meetup - the owner is comfortable meeting in public to trade plants

  • Will Ship - the propagation will ship reasonably safely, and the owner is willing to go through the shipping process

Using these tags make it easier to approach people about their cuttings and trade successfully! To edit tags, just go to your plant's profile and tap Edit Listing.

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