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We Just Keep Getting Better!

Over the weekend, we released several improvements that people have requested. Here's what we've got!

Message Replies

You can now reply to a message in chat. This really helps organize responses in the Plant ID and Plant Clinic groups, so multiple people can have an open question at a given time.

Message replies also help reduce the number of notifications everyone receives because of groups. If you reply to a message, only people on that reply thread will get a notification. Hurrah!

Picture Messages

We made two REALLY helpful improvements to picture messaging. The first is that you do not have to provide a caption to a picture that you send, which the previous version required. If you want to send a pic, just send it!

The second is that previously, the picture and the message were sent separately, which would cause weird loading issues, and sometimes the message would go through but the image would fail. Terrible!

We now send the message and the picture at the same time, so if one fails, so does the other. No more awkward messages :)

Download Nodes

Finally, if you want to share some of the Nodes you've added to your plant to Instagram, or just save it on your phone, you can download the picture for any Node by going into your plant settings.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone - our beta users, our new users, and our moderators - for making our launch week so special and successful!

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