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We're Going Public!

We're excited to announce that Prōpa is formally launching on December 7th! This means we'll be available on the public iOS and Android app stores. Here are ways you can help make our launch event as successful as possible.

  1. Watch for our launch on Product Hunt 🚀 Go ahead and create an account - just sign in with your Twitter account

  2. Follow us on Instagram @getpropa 📸 and Facebook 👤

  3. Invite your friends to join Prōpa and be sure they tag you as their referral 👱‍♂️👉👩

  4. Tell your friends about Prōpa in your local Facebook plant exchange groups 🌱 Ask them to sign up for our mailing list so they know when they can download Prōpa. Our website is

  5. As always, when a new user joins in your area, give them a friendly follow 😃👋

  6. If you love Prōpa, leave a positive review in the app store!

To celebrate our launch, we're holding a contest to win a $300 houseplant shopping spree! Learn how to enter here

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